new plugins (vst, au) for music producers

New Plugins (VST, AU) for Music Producers [Updated Monthly]

Plugins form a core integral part of the modern music-making process. Music producers, mixing & mastering engineers constantly keep an eye on the new and upcoming vst plugins. Since there are new plugins & technology coming out every now and then in the field of music, it becomes tough for music producers & enthusiasts to keep track. For this matter, we constantly do the research for you and list down new plugins (VST, AU) that came out in the past 3 months of the “last updated date” written down below. The list is updated monthly so you might discover some new plugins every time you come across this article.

Last Updated: 8 Jan 2021

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List of New Plugins (VST, AU) for Music Producers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers

1. Baby Audio Spaced Out – $39.00 from  [introductory sale]  //Featured Plugin

Reverb & Delay Plugin. Read the complete review here.

2. Wide Blue Sounds Elysium – $129.35 from $199.00 [introductory sale]

Kontakt Instrument. Read the complete review here.

3. ROLI Equator 2 – $199.00 from $249.00 [introductory sale]

Synth VST Plugin.

4. AudioThings Things – Texture – $9.00 from $19.00 [introductory sale]

Granular Reverb Plugin.

5. Mike Dean Gainstation – €149.00

Saturation and Distortion Plugin. Read more here.

6. Arturia V Collection 8 – $499.00 from $599.00 [introductory sale]

Bundle Including 28 Synths.

7. United Plugins Voxessor – $35.00 from $139.00 [introductory sale]

Vocal Processing Plugin.

8. Spitfire Audio Drumline – $29.00

Marching Drums Sample Library

9. Cymatics Diablo Lite – Free Plugin

Drum Enhancer Plugin. Read the complete review here.

10. Fuse Audio Vpre-31A Vintage Germanium Preamp – $19.00

PreAmp Plugin.

11. Slate Digital Fresh Air – Free Plugin

Saturation Plugin. Read the complete review here.


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