Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka unveils new project and first release

Few groups are as widely loved as Pendulum. The Australian group have found popularity easy to come by during their near-20 years in action off the back of releases like ‘The Island‘ and ‘Watercolour‘, but now it is the solo project of their drummer that is turning heads. Kevin Joseph Sawka or – as he is better known – KJ Sawka has shown his own production skills off away from Pendulum via this intriguing collaborative project alongside Blake Lewis.

The new project, known as The Private Language, kicked off today with a floor-shaking remix of the BT release ‘The War‘, and provides an early indicator of what is to come from the duo. With an official website already active, the pair have revealed that there are plenty more releases to come this year, with some exclusive snippets uploaded for your pleasure. These teasers, 4 in total after todays release, include a listener-friendly cover of the iconic Tears For Fears track ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World‘ and a wide range of sounds and genres that are sure to go down as their fanbase grows.

You can hear the first release from KJ Sawka and Blake Lewis as The Private Language below, and follow their socials to stay right up to date with all things TPL in the future.

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