Waiting in line

Police called to illegal rave but find crowd of pensioners there instead

A case of mistaken identity occurred in Essex, United Kingdom, where a group of OAPs were believed to be attending a rave amid the nationwide lockdown that is taking place in the country. The blunder unfolded as Police were called to an illegal rave, only to find out the long queue of not-to-be party-goers was, in fact, a queue for the coronavirus vaccine; and full of old people aged in their 80s and 90s. The queue had built up due to a delay in the arrival of the vaccine to the Essex Freemasons’ Saxon Hall. Onlookers had initially spotted an influx of traffic in the area and fears began to surge. While the age-old saying goes “you’re never too old to party”, someone got this terribly wrong and it’s absolutely hilarious.

However, the cause for concern has been shared among residents since Essex has seen a spate of illegal raves in the area in recent times. On New Year’s Eve, an illegal rave took place at the All Saints Church, a 500-year-old building, that caused damages in excess of more than £1,000. It was reported that a few hundred people attended the illegal rave before Police arrived to put an end to the proceedings. A similar situation happened in France where more than 2,500 revellers broke Covid-19 rules to attend an illegal rave in Lieuron, near Rennes.

While the thought of attending an illegal rave can be somewhat enticing to many, these actions don’t help the situation at large; meaning restrictions continue to lie in place for the majority. Our wait to party with friends, see our favourite artists or attend that festival we’ve forever dreamed about continues to allude us. That said, here’s to hoping there’s an end in sight and we can all party soon; legally!


Photo by Delia Giandeini on Unsplash