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Seekay releases brand new EP ‘Reflections’: Listen

Australian DJ/Producer Seekay has just released his newest EP ‘Reflections‘.

Before the release of his new EP, Seekay emerged onto the scene leaving no stone unturned with hits featuring the adoring vocals of Chloe with previous releases such as ‘Candlelight’ and ‘Wonderful’. ‘Reflections’ carries over that same vibe with clear influences from artists like Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, and Lorde. 

Seekay adds an extra bit of spice to his craft as a musician, as a person who has fully immersed himself within the arts as an author and poet, Seekay provides a few otherworldly sounds perhaps influenced by the other aspects, which has a clear representation within his music through the use of lyrics and music simultaneously.

The six-track EP is emotional and carefully crafted through delicate synths and lovely vocals.

“Reflections” are thoughts on feelings and emotions and also connote a mirror bouncing an image back at you. Hence the songs are reflections of thoughts for both good and for bad.”, Seekay stated. The songs do indeed emote a mirror-like quality when played through start to finish creating almost a paradox of emotions. Seekay added, “Hold” which can mean to gather someone tenderly can alternatively mean to coercively control them. Similarly, for many songs on the EP. Which are we that day when we look in the mirror?”

Listen to the thought-provoking six-track EP ‘Reflections’ below:

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Image Credit: Seekay (Press)