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Spotify Shares Top Music Genres for Gamers

Because of the pandemic, gaming was one of the few industries that grew in 2020. Experts predict that video gaming will be the next Hollywood and Netflix in the entertainment world, hence rapid gamification of basically everything. Online music streaming, another industry that benefited from the 2020 lockdown, realizes gamers’ growing influence. So, here’s Spotify’s list of genres that gamers streamed the most last year.

Why Does It Matter?

It is not a secret that music is a big part of the gaming experience. Both the creators of video games and online casino game developers understand this. The music you hear in online casino games and slots is not a random combination of winning or losing sounds. Even the most primitive of online slots (not to mention contemporary masterpieces) feature the music that affects the player’s mood. It is designed not only to set the atmosphere but also heighten one’s gambling desire.

The same is somewhat true for video games, except the scale is very different. Some of today’s top names in the gaming industry have releases comparable to Hollywood movie premiers, and the amount of attention put into the choice of the soundtrack is similarly impressive. It is no more surprising for pop idols to compose tracks for a video game. Seeing as the number of people who streamed music on Spotify from their gaming consoles grew 55% last year, Spotify’s increased interest in this demographic is understandable. According to Shannon Cook, Spotify’s head of global culture and trends, the increase in gaming console streams got Spotify “thinking through how and what people want to listen to while they play.”

What Are Gamers’ Favorite Genres?

  • Hip Hop and Trap

Surprisingly or not, the most common genre among gamers is hip hop, especially trap. Some of the performers gamers streamed the most in 2020 were Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, and Trevor Daniel. Gamers’ love for hip hop is quite understandable: a large part of the entire gaming experience is not unlike getting ready for a night out – you need the music that can pump you up effectively.

  • Soundtracks to Video Games

Here goes another predictable item on this list. Obviously, gamers know and love music featured in their favorite games, so it is only natural that soundtracks are among the genres they stream the most. According to Spotify, the most popular video game soundtracks in 2020 were from Minecraft, Death Stranding, and Doom (1993 version). What is interesting, though, is that none of these games were released in 2020. So, will this list change in 2021, or are these the undefeated leaders?

  • Virtual Artists

This one is a little more unexpected. Though, it makes sense that gamblers, who spend hours every day in virtual worlds, are drawn to virtual artists. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, virtual artists are performers akin to Gorillaz, who are represented by fictional personas in the form of animated characters. Aside from Gorillaz, Hatsune Miku and K/DA were the top virtual performers streamed in 2020.

  • Electronic Music

Electronic is another genre traditionally in favor among gamers. Electronic music is not unlike hip hop in that it can pump you up instantly. Besides, most electronic tracks do not have overpowering lyrics, which creates a perfect background for a player without distracting them from the gameplay. Some of the most-streamed electronic artists of 2020 were Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, and Martin Garrix, among others.

  • Spotify’s Pre-Made Playlists for Gamers

This may look like the go-for option for the lazy, but, in reality, Spotify puts much time and effort into creating these. Every now and then, most of us find ourselves unable to decide on what music to put on in the background. Luckily, Spotify has got us covered. Playlists for gamers are created based on careful data collection and analysis. You are not guaranteed to like them but try before judging.

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