The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers sweetened the holidays with rave-ready new mix: Listen

Iconic duo The Chemical Brothers seasoned their fans’ Christmas dinner with very spicy news: a brand-new mix. Although the holidays are over, we couldn’t help but unwrap this special gift brought by the British Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. Shared in December, this new mix was a great way to end the year and is also an original starting point for 2021. Fame precedes the name, and the talent of The Chemical Brothers has already been proven in many ways. 2020 was another year marked by great achievements of these two masters of electronic, having won two Grammys during last year’s awards ceremony. The enthusiastic news of this soundtrack release came through the power duo’s social channels, like the tweet below:

ODD BOD DISTRESS IN THE AREA‘ was the name chosen for this exclusive DJ mix that features some brilliant electro, acidic, broken, galactic, rave-ready sounds. Bouncy, weird, surreal, lively and in a good mood. This mix is a succession of dance jams full of two-step rhythms. There is no lack of iconic and immortal vocals that everyone knows. It’s a fast forward of musicality and energy. Scratchy, raw, rude and primitive sounds wrapped in the stationary of The Chemical Brothers, showcasing their industrial and urban style. This is a gourmet proposal for those who want to shake off the bad energies and dive into a more basic and earthly sound. Close your eyes and you will be guaranteed an express journey to a lively dance fight, full of soul and groove. You are certainly curious now. Listen to this brilliant mix of The Chemical Brothers from start to finish here. Enjoy it.

Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation