The Kam's Bro

The Kam’s Bro release superb new single ‘Don’t Start Now’: Listen

If you’re not familiar with The Kam’s Bro, you’re about to be. The Belgian duo made up of brothers Dev.k and Patrick Kam have recently started their journey as a DJ band, and what an exciting journey it’s going to be! All the way back in 1996, they discovered music software and so have an extensive knowledge spanning years and years in music production. Already promising many deep house projects to be heard soon, they’re now presenting their second ever single in the form of a Dua Lipa remix of her track ‘Don’t Start Now’.

This deep house remix features vocals from talented songstress Sarah Drissi, and is a more than impressive second production from the brothers, who have combined all their years of experience and poured it into this epic production. ‘Don’t Start Now’ takes the lyrics from the original, in which Sarah Drissi does a brilliant job in recreating, and situates them into a beautiful deep house world. The hypnotic soundscape is like something totally unheard before, and is reminiscent of The Kam’s Bro’s high quality production skills. Groovy, danceable and totally unique: this is what The Kam’s Bro bring to this track. Unarguably one of the best remixes of this track to have been released, you would never guess that this is just their second single.

Kicking off what is yet to be a highly successful career for the duo, we cannot wait to see what they have in store next, and will be following what they do closely. With them planning to release a new track every three months this year, there is certainly a lot to be excited about. Until their next release, you can listen to ‘Don’t Start Now’ below or on their website here.

Image Credit: Casso photography

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