TroyBoi welcomes listeners into his world of experimental sound with ‘V!BEZ Vol 4’: Listen

Delivering all the right vibes both on and off the dancefloor, TroyBoi has crafted a series of the finest beats we could not get enough of since day one. Many can broadly classify TroyBoi’s signature sound as trap music, but in reality, he seamlessly blends his roots into his grimey production style and vocal textures drawing back from Nigerian, Indian, Chinese, and Portuguese descent to deliver a sound too sweet to the ears. If you have ever been blessed by TroyBoi himself during his immersive shows, if there is one producer who can break it down with the crowd to his own music while simultaneously shifting levels with slow-tempo bass-infused beats, it is this forward-thinking producer. Establishing a pure connection with his global audience, TroyBoi has had a stellar past year of releases including his impactful single “Mother Africa” and even celebrating the 500,000 follower mark on SoundCloud with the release of his futuristic single “GWARN.” Now, for the day we have all been waiting for, TroyBoi has just released his eclectic ‘V!BEZ Vol 4’ EP to deliver all the right vibes to start off 2021. After a series of V!BEZ EPs in 2018 and 2019 which easily portrayed the vibe he is feeling through his music production, there is no stopping TroyBoi as he is back again with this impressive 7-track EP.

Starting off with a sparkly single “Bellz” which drips with references to Anita Ward’s 70’s classic “Ring My Bell,” TroyBoi incorporates the use of the uplifting vocals which begin to build up and lead into a filthy drop we never knew we needed in our lives. Entailing slithering snares, a futuristic melody, and echos of vocals, this is for all those ready to break it down with Troy on the dancefloor. Throwing is back to a legendary collaboration with Diplo on “Afterhours” featuring singer Nina Sky, Troyboi and Nina Sky have reunited for their new single “Eyez On Me” which is an irresistibly soothing single. As Nina Sky takes the lead on the vocals with her mesmerizing voice, all eyes and ears are on these two artists as they shift levels into a bass-infused backdrop alongside a hint of those grimey instrumental undertones. Soaking in the sun with a Latin inspired single with a side of trap, “Corneta” is a collaboration with Brazil’s Tropkillaz, and let us tell you this one has a number of surprises to keep those hips shaking while slowing things down with unexpected production elements. Feeling like getting bouncy with TroyBoi? Well, “Baby” is the one for you as pioneering frequencies and monotone vocals take over the show while exploring a series of Troy’s musical camouflages.

Proving he is completely “Unstoppable” in 2021, TroyBoi provides a sense of tranquility within this track as a beautiful violin melody flows perfectly alongside hints of distortion. Suddenly, as if the track is cutting off, Troy takes the track over with warped vocal samples to string instrumentation and provide a more eerie feel. With ‘V!BEZ Vol. 4’ also marking the official release of his underground single “On My Own” featuring NEFERA, the fascinating sound design and NEFERA’s powerful vocals craft a stunning melody to truly get us feeling some type of way. Ending off with a peaceful single “Clear Waters,” Troy is lighting even our darkest days as he provides a chill-tempo backdrop intertwined with relaxing water sound, a series of birds chirping, and a breathtaking piano instrumental which highlights his creativity behind the single. A captivating single indeed to end off the EP on the brightest note, TroyBoi has instilled us with hope and the right vibes to get us through even the most challenging times. Sharing with his listeners on his official Instagram page, TroyBoi states:

“As a producer who appreciates multiple genres of music, ‘V!BEZ’ has been my way to explore and experiment with different sounds without restrictions to my creativity. It gives me great pleasure to present my latest project to you, a collection of tracks to fit your every vibe. I hope this EP will able to provide you all with some joy and comfort in these unprecedented times.”

Listen to the full EP below and let us know your favorite single in the comments.

Photo Credits: TroyBoi Official Press


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