Home Uncategorized Vicetone announces debut album ‘Legacy’ and shares new single ‘No Rest’
Electronic duo Vicetone is determined

Vicetone announces debut album ‘Legacy’ and shares new single ‘No Rest’

Home Uncategorized Vicetone announces debut album ‘Legacy’ and shares new single ‘No Rest’

Electronic duo Vicetone is determined to start this year on a high and have not let the month end without first sharing great news with their fans. The Dutch pair have been hypnotizing their followers with their unquestionable talent, leaving everyone thirsty for an album. After almost a decade of waiting, Vicetone finally announce their debut album, ‘Legacy‘, set to be released in April 2021 via Monstercat.

Childhood friends Ruben and Victor have been marvelling at the crowds with their ‘music first’ philosophy and their unique sound. Vicetone has a divine touch that allows them to spice up big room sounds with more underground condiments that personify Dutch musicality. The result has been melodic and progressive music that brings together the tastes of the fans. Since the duo moved to Monstercat, the expectation of a full-length work has increased even more. Will it be a more progressive album? Will it bring back their beat house flavour? Expectations are high and the industry wants to know what these two have been cooking up. Avicii, the duo’s known hero was a source of inspiration for the album, as mentioned in the press release about this release. ‘Legacy’ appears to be an eclectic, complete and strong work, judging by the pearls they have been sharing. From this ten-track LP, we already know two amazing singles made up of very interesting collaborations: ‘Animal‘ with Jordan Powers and Bekah Novi, and ‘Shadow‘ with Allie X. The third single comes as a celebration of the announcement of the highly anticipated debut album and is called ‘No Rest’. About the new music, Vicetone shares:

‘This song is a mixture of everything we love about dance music. It’s motivational, uplifting, melodic with incredible vocals from Sarah Solovay (Solly). Plus, having this song as the lead single of our first album ‘LEGACY’ makes it all more special to us.’

‘No Rest’ is a track that emanates positivity and happiness. The bright and uplifting strings make it a motivational anthem filled with elegant synth tabs, adorned with a pure and assertive vocal. The lyrics enter the ear as easily as the melody. This is an infectious track, with an incredible and addictive rhythm.

‘No Rest’ is the perfect music to listen to in the car on the way to work, to listen to during the day or for a little dance. Its versatility makes it a radio hit capable of setting fire to a dancefloor. For an even more complete experience, they added the visual component. The release of this beauty came with a music video that shares the same brightness as the track.

While you wait a bit longer for the debut album from Vicetone, delight yourself with the latest single ‘No Rest’ below.

Image Credit: Vicetone (via Facebook)

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