Black Coffee at Hï Ibiza

Black Coffee set to join Apple Music Africa Now radio for exclusive interview

Celebrating the first few days of success with his new album ‘Subconsciously‘, Black Coffee has started the year off in the best way possible. The album features some massive collaborations, and is not confined to just one genre or mood, instead giving us a good range perfect for any mood or situation. To celebrate the album, he joined Cuppy on Apple Music‘s Africa Now radio.

The episode, which will air Sunday February 7, features Black Coffee as the cover star where he joins Cuppy via Facetime to talk about a wide variety of subjects from the new album and track ‘I’m Falling’ featuring RY X to collaborators who inspire him the most and not being confined by just one genre. Also speaking on the subject of giving advice to anyone who is aspiring to reach their goals in life, he says this:

It’s so important when you have found your calling or your gift to work on it. You could be a boy in the smallest town and no one knows your name, but you’re like, “This is what I want to do.” The most important thing, you put time, put all your energy in that gift, no matter what it is. You could be having a dream of designing an iPhone for Apple one day, and you are nine years old. Just start, just keep doing it. It happened like that for me as a DJ where I wasn’t having gigs, but I knew that one day I will get an opportunity, and I wanted to be ready when that opportunity comes.”

The episode also features the top five hottest African tracks right now, with a mini mix and proverb of the week sections rounding up the episode. The episode with Black Coffee airs tomorrow, and you can catch it here. in the meantime, you can listen to ‘Subconsciously‘ in its entirety below.

Image Credit: Hï Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications

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