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British doctor Bodalia livestreams DJ sets during the pandemic to entertain the masses

British doctor and DJ, Bodalia (Kishan Bodalia), has not only been saving lives working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic in Birmingham, but he’s also been lifting people’s spirits by livestreaming DJ sessions from his home. It isn’t too rare for doctor’s to have side jobs and hobbies like this, but Bodalia has gone viral for the work he’s doing. Hosting what he calls ‘NHSessions’, he has been grabbing the attention of British media, with The Guardian and even BBC News: Midlands.

“I dreamed that if it reached 100 people that would be amazing, but to then reach millions of people, I’ve just got to keep going now. It really creates this sense of togetherness, it almost makes you feel as if you’re in a festival environment.” – Bodalia says of the popularity

Qualifying as a doctor in August of 2019, he spent the first national lockdown last year on a respiratory ward, and his DJ sets were a way of cheering himself and his friends up after long, hard shifts. Now though, it has the attention of more than just his friends as he has now been verified on Instagram, and has reached millions of viewers. Playing out a slew of unreleased tunes from himself mixed in with feel-good anthems, Bodalia has well and truly reached superstar status across the country.

Interestingly enough, the doctor DJ has also performed at Tomorrowland and has performed on other stages across Europe too, but now his DJ career is truly picking up speed even more. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has also voiced his support for ‘NHSessions’. Talking about the harsh reality of what he has to face every day, he stated the below in a Facebook post:

“To set the scene, all my patients were on ventilators, struggling to breathe, some pulling their masks off as they’d become confused and agitated. Some alive one night but not the next. I had to verify far too many deaths, some younger than you’d expect. Having to phone families at 3AM and break bad news (every night). One man told me “I can’t do this anymore”, “I want to die”. An hour later he passed away. For the patients it’s lonely and scary. For me I can’t actually describe how it feels. At times I had to remove myself from the environment because it was just too overwhelming.”

His DJ sets are certainly helping to keep people motivated during these tough times, with one Covid patient even stating that they listened to his music during physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is people like Bodalia who are the true heroes during this time, helping people battling the virus whilst also entertaining others stuck at home.

Below, you can catch one of his videos and also visit his YouTube channel where he uploads part of his sets.


Image Credit: Bobby on Unsplash

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