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Coachella sends out cancellation emails

On the r/Coachella sub-reddit, a user had taken to the forum to post an email that they had received from Elevate – the official ticketing platform for Coachella – stating that the Californian festival would not be going ahead this year, marking two years without the festival.

The email states:

“Under the guidance of the County of Riverside, Coachella will not take place in April 2021. We appreciate your patience with us, we will be reunited in no time. 

Thank you for holding on to your passes, your loyalty has not gone unnoticed. We are working hard to announce further updates about when we will be together again. It is important for us to produce a carefree event that continues to bring fans and artists from around the world together. Stay tuned for information regarding the process for rolling over or refunding passes.”

Official Cancellation Email from Elevate from Coachella

One thing that stood out to ticket holders was the part where it was stated that ‘your loyalty has not gone unnoticed’. This is leading people to believe that maybe they will receive compensation in the form of freebies, discounts or something else although nothing has been hinted at yet. Although it states that the festival will not take place in April, the possibility for it to be moved to a later date is still up in the air as the organisers look to the best solution for the event. It is worth noting that last year, they had postponed the event to October before having to cancel again, so perhaps they will look to doing the same for this year’s event.

In other news, the promotors of Coachella, Goldenvoice, have been doing their part to aid in the mass vaccination service, stating that they would like to open up a vaccination site to get as many people immunised as possible.


Image Credit: Dom Carver via Pixabay

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