Complexion of Sound

Complexion of Sound drops addictive vocal jam ‘Lose Control’: Listen

The American artist project Complexion of Sound has been making its way towards the top tier of the electronic music industry by combining with the finest vocalists, producers, engineers, and songwriters across the globe over the past few months. As a collaborative showcase of artistry and musicianship, the project has served as the brains behind some extremely hit songs composed of elements from electronic, house, and dance-pop music accompanied by lively digital art to bring you a simpler world uninhibited.

Serving us all with an exotic collaboration right at the beginning of the year, Complexion of Sound has teamed up with the R&B, pop singer XIMONE and the New York-based producer Alpha Moses to come up with the groovy dance hit called Lose Control that is out now on all platforms. Inspired by many different eras and influences of electronic dance music, Lose Control breaks the boundaries between lush electronic synths, ear-worm pop vocals, and a floor pounding house groove to bring you a dance hit reimagined.

Songs about longing for a forbidden love have never felt as empowering, sexy and groundbreaking as ‘Lose Control‘. Be sure to check this massive record out below:


Image Credit: Complexion of Sound (via Instagram)

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