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Daft Punk album sales have increased by 2,650%

Since Daft Punk are no longer, everyone is wanting to get their hands on a piece of merchandise to remember them by, and as a result of this, prices are skyrocketing and now album sales have gone up by 2,650%.

Streaming their music by the millions on Monday February 22, the day that they announced their split, streams soared up by 500% compared to the day before. Alpha Data, analytic provider for Rolling Stone, reported and found that song sales went up by 1,335% and digital album sales also went up by 2,650%. In fact, it was their iconic ‘Discovery’ album that lead the streams on Monday, with over 1.5 million people listening to it (an increase of 429% from the day before) and it selling so many digital copies that it saw an 8,000% increase. According to Rolling Stone, the next most popular albums that were streamed that day making up the top five were ‘Random Access Memories’ (up by 600%), ‘Homework’ (up by 714%), ‘Alive 2007’ (up by 294%) and ‘TRON: Legacy’ (up by 360%).

It wasn’t just Daft Punk lovers that were streaming in the millions, either. Spotify reported that half a million people, 459,334 to be exact, on Tuesday February 23 listened to the duo for the very first time, leaving it quite late to discover the duo. Their most popular streamed tracks on the Monday were ‘Get Lucky’ (up 180% on streams), ‘One More Time’ (368%), ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ (418%), ‘Around the World’ (381%) and ‘Instant Crush’ (392%).

This news follows the reissue of ‘Homework’ and ‘Alive 1997’ on vinyl, which you can find all about here.

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