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Dim Mak x Street Fighter: Steve Aoki’s latest three-part set with Capcom

Well-known for more than just his music, Steve Aoki has set out to succeed at every endeavor he takes upon, with his latest collaboration launching yet again into space. It is no secret that Aoki’s interest and investment in the gaming and esports space has grown over the years, with his new Dim Mak x Street Fighter set being developed in honour of the 2021 Capcom Winter Update and Prize Fighter event.

Consisting of three parts, this latest set features a “Dim Mak x Street Fighter” apparel drop, a limited-edition counter-cade in partnership with Arcade1Up, and an official remix of Ryu’s iconic theme song. This set holds a special place in Aoki’s heart, as the remix, dubbed ‘Ryu’s Theme (The Moe’s Pizzeria Steve Aoki Remix)’ pays homage to his love of the game when growing up. Aoki would find himself spending hours at the local pizzeria arcade on a daily basis, where he would play “until he lost”, thus adding sentimental value to his teaming up with game publisher Capcom.

With the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter II on the cards, Aoki has looked at honouring Ryu’s legacy with a hardstyle twist of the original Capcom Sound’s “Ryu’s Theme.” This remix has all of the elements reflecting Aoki’s recent style when taking into consideration his latest 60KI- Rave Royale EP, whilst the Dim Mak x Street Fighter apparel drop implemented by 12 different styles and accompanied by the limited-edition Street Fighter two-player Counter-Cade can be found, here. You can listen to the remix below on Spotify.


Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press) / Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

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