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DJ Snake unfortunately tests positive for Covid-19

DJ Snake has been in the news a lot this week, for all the right reasons. First, he teases and then announces new collaboration with Selena Gomez titled ‘Selfish Love’ which will come out March 4, following their first collaboration with Ozuna and Cardi B‘Taki Taki’. After this, it was also announced that he had been chosen to be the new brand ambassador for PUMA’s Mirage Tech shoe. Following all this good news is bad news though, as he revealed on social media that he has tested positive for Covid-19.

Posting the news yesterday, February 26, he tweeted ‘Positif au Covid’. Many are wishing him a speedy recovery, and hoping he will get better. We are also wishing him well. 

In France, where DJ Snake is living, the Covid-19 situation is at the point where Paris may be looking at a three-week lockdown in a bid to open everything back up after, says Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire. The amount of cases that France is currently facing is reportedly ‘worrying’, with cases rising to a total of 3.71 million over the course of the whole pandemic, according to a case overview on Google. News was also reported that France has become the first major European market to outline a framework for summer festivals, hatching a plan to allow festivals to take place there in the summer.

We are wishing DJ Snake well, and hope that he will be back to normal soon.

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