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Dutch festivals planning to go ahead this July

In the Netherlands, plans are moving swiftly to try and save the festival season ever since the disastrous year that was 2020. The government is moving fast, and it may be a possibility that festivals will return to the Netherlands from July 1. Dutch culture, education and science minister Ingrid van Engelshoven stated that it is not reasonable to expect mass gatherings before July.

Part of the plan ensures that festivals and large events that are due to take place after this date will be insured in case of another cancellation due to Covid-19. A cancellation fund of €300 million was issued to event organisers last month, giving them the security and freedom to plan their 2021 events, knowing that they would be insured and covered for all cancellation damages if that should happen again. The fund covers events that have a 3,000 capacity or over, and Ingrid van Engelshoven also stated:

 “[This fund] is a dot on the horizon for festival organizers. They can fall back on the guarantee fund in which at least €300m has been reserved. The event industry has long come to a standstill due to Corona. Guarantee is needed to get it back on track.”

This is great news for Dutch festivals such as Liquicity, Mysteryland and perhaps even Amsterdam Dance Event as we could see a return on events such as those and many more this year. Awakenings Festival (who’s tickets have already sold out) have moved their event to September to be covered by this plan, and many other Dutch festivals are doing the same.


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