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Faithless share expressive and evocative music video for ‘I Need Someone’: Watch

Dance music pioneers Faithless have presented a stunning music video for ‘I Need Someone’, the second single to be taken from their acclaimed album ‘All Blessed’, released on BMG. Last year, after a 10-year hiatus, the group shared with the world the long-awaited studio album ‘All Blessed‘. Perfectly enclosing Faithless’ identity, the work is filled with sublime singles, as ‘I Need Someone’ is an example. The second track of the album has stood out as a fan favourite and now receives a music video that does justice to its magnitude. ‘I Need Someone’ features the talented poet Caleb Femi and the mesmerizing vocals of Nathan Ball. This track carries a big conceptual force and screams very powerful messages. The melody and metrics of the song invite reflection and open thinking, while the vocals and lyrics are an ode to solitude. It calls for union and contact between people, between people and the world, between people and their feelings. A union that is also possible through music.

The music video can give shape to all these thoughts. Recorded in Los Angeles, the video reflects the feelings of loneliness and isolation to which we have all been subjected over the past year. The distancing has separated, raised barriers and made people become authentic islands. The track and the video serve as a comfort to all those who need someone. Another form of isolation is brought by discrimination. The music video of ‘I Need Someone’ refers to the powerful message against racism and shows images of the protests that took place for the Black Lives Matter movement.

About this sound pearl, Faithless said:

Proud to present the soaring ‘I Need Someone’ which finds ‘Synthesizer’ vocalist Nathan Ball lending Faithless his lush emotive melodies once again, this time alongside an eloquent rap delivered by the acclaimed Nigerian born, London bred poet Caleb Femi. This plaintive cry for human connection is set on a wide screen musical backdrop of kinetic house beats, moody rumbling bass, Afrobeat inspired guitar and Blissy’s euphoric synths – music for the heart, soul and dancefloor.’

‘I Need Someone’ ranks second on the tracklist for this wonderful 12-track album brought by the iconic Faithless who, despite making fans wait ten years for this beauty, are working to make the positive impact of their music last through time. ‘All Blessed’ has been featured on several lists of Best Albums Of 2020, charted at No.6 in the Official Album Chart, No.1 in the Dance Album Chart and No.1 in the Independent Album Chart.

Delight yourself with the music video of ‘I Need Someone’:

Image Credit: Blue Laybourne / Provided by Suess Media