Daft Punk

Fans are annoyed that Daft Punk didn’t perform during Super Bowl Halftime show with The Weeknd

Despite there being no official statement proving that Daft Punk would be performing during the Halftime of the Super Bowl last Sunday, fans were very disappointed that the electro duo didn’t make a guest appearance during The Weeknd’s performance. They proceeded to proclaim their fury on twitter and other social media during and immediately after the airing.

A few days prior to the Super Bowl, the Weeknd had previously stated that there would be no guests to join him during his performance because of the simple reason that there would be ‘no room’ to fit guests in his ‘narrative’. However, despite him proclaiming that there would be ‘no special guests’, the internet was still spouting many speculations (with one Twitter user supposedly revealing the setlist) regarding the appearance of Daft Punk during the performance.

As expected, many fans were quite upset when Daft Punk made no appearance during the Super Bowl halftime. Many fans expressed their disappointment on twitter regarding the fact that The Weeknd sang ‘Starboy’ and ‘I Feel it Coming’ in particular. This is because these tracks are both songs that Daft Punk had a hand in writing and producing.

In order to watch the full performance of the Weeknd during the Super Bowl halftime, click on the video below:

Image Credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash