FIIN showcases his minimalistic side through latest single ‘A Better Way’

Miami-based DJ and record producer FIIN was heavily praised last year for his groovy melodic tunes based on techy tropical rhythms and cozy synth leads. After a relatively quiet month and a half in 2021, the artist is all set to follow up on from the massive success of his string of singles that made quite a few headlines last year. Picking up right where he left off in 2020, FIIN has just dropped his first release of the year called ‘A Better Way‘, a mellow and minimalistic tune that is out now via Ultra Records.

Resembling the vibes of a “relaxed Sunday afternoon”, ‘A Better Way‘ tries to explore the slightly darker variations of house and techno through trippy tribal vocals, hypnotic instrumental synths, and characteristic tech house drums. FIIN is often associated with originality and taking risks as a producer and this fact undoubtedly reflects in his latest single. It acts as a perfect follow-up to his massive streak of releases in 2020 that featured tracks like ‘Everything, Le Crocodile‘, and ‘Still In The Storm‘.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his latest single:

A very simple track, but every sound is where it needs to be. For me it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon track, my favourite day of the week.” – FIIN

Don’t forget to check out ‘A Better Way‘ below:

Image Credit: FIIN (Press) / Provided by Unfolded PR

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