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Flux Pavilion takes fans into the world of ‘.wav’ with livestream [Event Review]

On February 5 and 6 across three timezones, Flux Pavilion teamed up with Moment House to deliver a ticketed livestream experience in support of his brand new album .wav. Fans in the Asia Pacific, North & South America and UK & Europe timezones were invited to join the producer, real name Joshua Steele, for a unique showcase of his album, and we were there to witness the action. Armed with a green screen, laptop, guitar, mic and other equipment, Flux Pavilion teleported fans into the world of ‘.wav’ in a truly incredible way.

One of the most striking aspects of the livestream show was the visual accompaniment. Taking us into a place that was out of this world (literally), Flux set the mood with a short intro before getting right into it. It has to be said that these are no ordinary visuals, as a lot of careful and detailed work went into making them exactly as they are. Using waveforms that he had previously asked fans to submit on the website ‘Flux needs your .wav’ where he invited fans to answer random questions in the form of submitted voice notes, he then turned them into visual waveforms, which were injected all throughout the show in his visuals, ensuring that his supporters were just as important in the creation of the show.

Although this was a celebration of ‘.wav’, where Flux Pavilion played out the album in its entirety in a performance setting for the first time with his live vocals, there were a few surprises in the form of old favourites such as ‘Emotional’ from his 2015 album ‘Tesla’ and biggest hit ‘I Can’t Stop’. He also included tracks from other popular artists such as Camo & Krooked and mixed the tracks in a spectacularly fluid way, ensuring every track flowed beautifully together for an hour of non-stop anthems. Each track from ‘.wav’ shone beautifully in a live setting, and allowed for a whole new perspective on the album.

Props also have to be given to the hosts, Moment House. Their platform allows for a smooth experience for fans to see their favourite artists and in the past they have hosted global superstars such as HalseyJustin BieberKaytranada and now Flux Pavilion. Even offering the chance to talk to the artists in the chat section which they offer along with viewing the show, Moment House are becoming the number one choice for artists to host one-off ticketed livestream shows.

Overall, the British producer celebrated ‘.wav’ in a brilliant way, with a spectacular showcase of his talents. You can listen to the 16-track album below.

Image Credit: Fiona Garden / Provided by Partner Creative

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