Future House Music Awards

Future House Music Awards are back and your vote counts

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Times have been difficult, and the music industry has undergone profound changes, as has the life of all artists and ravers. However, the show must go on, and none of the adversities we all go through has stopped artists from devoting their time and creativity to music. Fortunately, not everything was bad in 2020 and a lot of good music was released worldwide and, very important too, great talents have emerged. It’s crucial that the mood persists and that everyone who has the talent to do so gets the visibility they deserve. For all this, the Future House Music Awards are back. Promoted by Future House Music (FHM), these awards aim to showcase the most outstanding artists of the past year and celebrate them.

Music plays a fundamental role in people’s lives and certainly has been a vital help in getting through difficult times. But if music helps fans, they can also play an active role in the artists’ lives. The nominees for these awards are chosen by FHM who, better than anyone else, knows the artists and the music they release, but it’s the fans who decide. The categories to vote for are Best Main Artist, Best Upcoming Artist, Best Vocalist, Best Single, and Best Remix/Edit and all have five nominees. Votes are open and will close on February 21. We call upon you to enter the FHMA website and leave your vote for your favourite nominees. In addition to the fan love and extra visibility from FHM, the nominees have the opportunity to create on the exclusive DJ set that will be broadcasted live on Future House Music YouTube channel. This is a 1.1 million subscriber channel, so the performance will be global and important. Join the community and don’t miss the FHMA 2020 livestream that will take place on February 19 and 20.

Take part in this noble initiative and be an integral part of this award ceremony. Get involved in the FHM community and choose your favourite artist, the vocalist you can’t resist or that music that doesn’t come out of your mind. Every vote counts and yours is the most important! Check out all the nominees below and see the official trailer for this campaign:

Image Credit: Future House Music