Giolì & Assia

Giolì & Assia release long-awaited ‘Moon Faces EP’ on Ultra Music: Listen

After months of anticipation, the debut Giolì & Assia EP on Ultra Music has arrived. With the first four tracks coming over previous months fans of the Italian duo have found their excitement peaking in knowing that the final addition would complete the set on Friday (yesterday). Working alongside Turkish producer Mahmut Orhan, the pairing have yet again proven their phenomenal skill with the breathtaking ‘Lost‘, the final piece of the Moon Faces EP.

Delivering five tracks on an EP that all carry the same quality is a challenge very few can complete. However, after years of developing their sound and perfecting their craft, Giolì & Assia have surpassed all expectations with this top class collection of tracks. With ‘For You‘, ‘Hands On Me‘, ‘Rollercoaster‘ and ‘Your Lullaby arriving in previous months, ‘Lost‘ rounds out this tremendous group of releases from the duo. Spectacular vocals, rhythmic percussion, and captivating melodic house vibes blend effortlessly to complete this flawless release from this Italian-Turkish collaboration, with the fifth track of the EP potentially being the pick of the bunch.

You can hear all five tracks from Giolì & Assia‘s Moon Faces EP, including the latest release ‘Lost‘ with Mahmut Orhan now below, and decide which track is your favourite!


Image Credit: Graziano Piazza

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