KSHMR releases second single from upcoming album titled ‘Around The World’ with NOUMENN

The buzz for KSHMR‘s debut album ‘Harmonica Andromeda’ is continuing, and fans and new listeners alike got the first taste of the album a few weeks ago with the release of The World We Left Behind‘ with KARRA. Now, KSHMR has released the second single from the album, titled  ‘Around The World’ and this track features NOUMENN. NOUMENN is a fellow producer and DJ from France who is rising in the ranks to become one of the most beloved newcomers, and this track will certainly earn him more attention from the electronic music world.

Onto the track itself, ‘Around The World’ has instantly become a beloved fan favourite, with many sharing how much it took their breath away, and how they have been left speechless by it. We cannot disagree, as this is perhaps one of his most beautiful and emotive productions released yet.

“For me this song walks a wonderful line of being uplifting while having a message. The vocal isn’t too preachy but a good reminder to be thoughtful and care for the world around us. Very grateful to NOUMENN for doing this with me.” – KSHMR

It is a track that you’ll find yourself dancing to with tears brimming in your eyes, a versatile and unique production. A dreamy soundscape fills the air, and complete euphoria will surround the listener leaving a lasting impression. Uplifting the listener also, this will have everyone smiling from ear to ear, feeling great. If you’re thinking that ‘Around The World’ sounds familiar, it’s because KSHMR has been teasing this track for a while now, playing it in many digital sets last year including during his EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon set for Insomniac last May.

‘Harmonica Andromeda’ arrives to streaming platforms in March, and you can pre-save it here. For now, listen to ‘Around The World’ on Spotify below.

Image Credit: KSHMR (Press) / Provided by Electric Love Festival

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