Laika Beats

Laika Beats releases wavy new track ‘Nature Is Watching’: Listen

Laika Beats has just released his newest track ‘Nature Is Watching’, out now on all digital platforms.

Denver, Colorado native, Laika Beats (real name Joshua Elliot Thompson) is known for his bass-heavy and Hip-Hop infused tracks.  His previous releases include ‘Give Her The World’, and ‘True Love’.  Through his intricate sound design and captivating melodies, Laika Beats brings a little bit of every genre to the table, not only in the studio but during his live events.  Using 4 CDJs, on stage, he chops, mixes, and samples melodies to be performed on the fly, taking the crowd on a dynamic adventure full of omni-tempo dance music.

‘Nature Is Watching’ is an adventure from start to finish. Chopped and screwed vocals meld with colorful pumping synths as melodies take us into a different dimension.  Through delicately programmed drums, this track not only can provide something to dance to, but also a sweet chill groove. “It’s all about mood and an energetic, hypnotizing groove. Mixing together sounds and styles that get you moving your body and bouncing your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, or style”, says Thompson.

Listen to ‘Nature Is Watching’ by Laika Beats below:

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Image Credit: Laika Beats (Press)