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What could life after COVID-19 look like? [Magazine Featured]

2020, a year that shattered dreams, obliterated livelihoods and took far too many lives. Every single fragment of life as we know it was drastically changed by COVID-19, forcing people all over the world to undergo an unforeseen change that would alter the way they saw the world forever. What began as an exciting news story soon evolved into a reality that threatened our daily lives, forcing people all over the world to adapt their lifestyle accordingly. There can be no doubt that COVID-19 has drastically affected the electronic dance music industry in a multitude of ways, and the effects continue to be felt day after day.

Everywhere you turn, there are artists, managers, bookers, event managers and many others struggling to make ends meet. Even some who have not made their struggles known publicly may be facing a devastating period behind the scenes. Fans all over the world are yearning for events, counting down until visiting an event may be possible once again. But country to country, the reality varies greatly, with some able to experience the live events that have become so rare in other parts of the world. But despite this, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that COVID-19 may affect the industry in the long run, for better or for worse.

Firstly, many artists saw the pandemic as an opportunity to spend time in the studio without distractions. With such limitations on worldwide travel and socialising, many spent time producing music, honing their craft and creating without boundaries. For this reason, we expect to see an even greater number of releases in the years after the pandemic, as artists delve into brand new creative realms. For many artists, the pandemic was the first time they’d had the chance to simply create without so many other obligations like touring. Balancing life on the road and producing has always been a struggle for artists, occasionally limiting potential and forcing artists to take on too much pressure while on tour. It’s possible that the period after the pandemic will see artists release their best work yet, and may see some artists adapt their style and pursue new influences.


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