Louis The Child team up with BabyJake for inspirational ‘Somewhere Else’

Kicking off 2021 on the right foot, Chicago-bred duo Louis The Child release their newest single, ‘Somewhere Else’. Released through Interscope Records, the duo teamed up with talented singer and songwriter BabyJake, who is having a stellar rise in the industry. The message-heavy release features Louis The Child’s signature style while BabyJake’s urban pop, soothing vocals guide the way.

‘Somewhere Else’ takes the listener on a self-discovery journey where we are constantly chasing after a more fulfilling life. However, once we find a ‘fulfilling’ life, we may still be lost. The single brings comfort as everyone is in the same mental battle. The duo adds,

“Life is full of ups and downs, moments where you’re completely here and times where you feel lost or detached. Making this song with Jake felt therapeutic in a way. We could hear him addressing his current mental state and some of the moments that lead him here. It wasn’t what we expected to make that day, but in the best way possible.”

The genre-defying release delivers a driving, distorted bassline that contrasts the melodic elements and groovy drumline. ‘Somewhere Else’ radiates a euphoric feeling and serves as the perfect soundtrack if you need to release stored up emotions. Paired up with the release is a mesmerizing music video directed by Chase O’Black. The video sees Louis The Child and BabyJake running through various hypnotizing landscapes, periodically stopping to be present in the moment, which captures the song’s meaning. Check out the music video down below:

Image Credit: Chase O’Black

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