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Alex Lauter unites with NONC3NTS to remix The Love Faery ‘Love Surrounds You’: Listen

Houston-based The Love Faery, released her stellar track ‘Love Surrounds You’  in collaboration with producer DanielwiththeBalance on November 11 last year. Providing heavenly vocals, a unique sound, and displaying a beautiful story in its lyricism, it’s no surprise a brand new EP containing remixes from Alex Lauter and NONC3NTS has recently just been released.

Alex Lauter is the German-American producer and DJ behind one of the remixes that’s a part of the ‘Love Surrounds You (Remixes)’ EP. Clearly inspired by The Love Faery’s powerful voice, Lauter’s remix allows these vocals to be at the forefront, including it into his slick production bringing brand new energy to the track. Releasing on his own label, Lauterhaus, Alex has been an integral part of how this EP came to be and he explains the story and inspiration behind the release in his own words below:

“When Christian & Kevin [NONC3NTS] took me to Tatiana’s [The Love Faery] birthday party in early July 2020, we immediately clicked & bonded. Being around her family , her four children & husband Caleb, whilst pursuing her passion as an artist profoundly impacted me. Halfway during the party Axwell’s cut of “Resurrection” came on her playlist – she said that she loved EDM and had always dreamt of people remixing her music. I told Tatiana then that early in 2018, Simon from Axtone contacted me & we started skyping almost immediately – for almost a year we had sessions, he mentored me, guided me as best he could, always gave me feedback & his honest opinion, and became a friend who I could truly trust & take their advice to heart. I have nothing but deep admiration & respect for Axtone & Simon knows that that is the love & culture I wish to continue building here in Texas, with Lauterhaus. So, I asked her if we could do a remix EP for “Love Surrounds You” – and she was immediately down. I went home and wrote the remix in 2 days – lost the project file 6 months later when my laptop broke during Christmas – but felt that the remix was where I wanted it to be & the EP needed to be released – so we released it.”

Ever since first meeting at legendary Houston venue Stereo Live, Alex has developed a friendship with artists behind the second remix on the EP. Opening for artists the likes of Diplo, Armin Van Buuren, and Coone, producing duo Christian and Kevin, better known as NONC3NTS have been taking the Houston EDM scene by storm with their high-energy sounds and mixes since they started producing back in 2013. Glad to hear that it’s no different with their take when remixing on this EP, adding their signature bass house sound they are known for on to The Love Faery track.

The ‘Love Surrounds You (Remixes)’ EP is out now and make sure to check it out on Spotify below.

Image Credit: Alex Lauter (Press)

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