Mike Redfields

Mike Redfields explores the power of techno through ‘Cosmic Tunnel EP’

The increasing popularity of hard techno as a genre has inspired a lot of producers out in the industry to shift their focus towards making underground music. Emerging artists like Mike Redfields have delivered some intriguing releases in the past making sure that the energetic vibes from the genre don’t get affected by monotonicity and the stuff on our techno playlists remains fresh. Inspired by the success of his previous techno projects, Mike Redfields has just unveiled a 3-track EP called Cosmic Tunnel, out now via Fuzion Records.

Starting off the EP with its title track, Mike Redfields makes his intentions clear right away with some dark and hypnotic synth leads combined with classic techno drums and a buzzy bassline. Next up on the cosmic trip, the listeners are all set to “Enter Venus” through the explosive nature of the second track that seems like a good fit for clubs and festivals. The EP comes to a conclusion with a dirty dutch based techno tune Acid Vibes.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his brand new EP and future plans:

“For the last 2 years I have been working on both the Deep House and Techno sides of music and these genres are definitely something I want to continue working on in the future. The 3 tracks featured on this mini-album feature a lovely hard techno bass with all kinds of synth elements, percussions, and things you might recognize from my previous tracks. We are still into space but will land very soon.” – Mike Redfields

Don’t forget to check out Cosmic Tunnel EP below:


Image Credit: Mike Redfields (Press)

21-year-old electronic music fan and a budding producer. Particularly biased towards melodic house & techno.

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