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Montresor unites with thisisgoodman release new track ‘Reflection’: Listen

Montresor and thisisgoodman just released a sentimental new single featuring vocalist Michaela entitled ‘Reflection’.

Canadian up-and-coming DJ/Producer Montresor along with fellow Canadian DJ/Producer thisisgoodman have just released his newest single ‘Reflection’ which features the vocal stylings of Italian singer Michaela.  Making his debut in 2018, Montresor has released an array of different styles ranging from Tiësto and Galantis remixes to his own upbeat tracks designed to keep you moving. thisisgoodman has also had his fair share of notable releases, including his most recent tracks ‘Just A Moment’ and ‘Blood’.

Make way for this massive track as it opens up with a dusty drum sample and big emotional synths that guide us straight Michaela’s vocals to hit us right in the feels.

Reflection started as nothing more than a guitar loop and some hip hop drums”, says Montresor regarding the construction of ‘Reflection’.

He added that once he had “pushed the song as far as he could go”, he sent the song to thisisgoodman, who tweaked the song to perfection.

“We landed on the theme of reflection seeing is that we were all in an awesome phase in our lives. We started to discuss the struggles, hardships, doubts, ups, and downs of all our journeys until we had basically written a story.”

‘Reflection’ is a love song written in honor of our pursuit of happiness, and Montresor, thisisgoodman and Michaela sum it up perfectly.

Listen to ‘Reflection’ below:

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Image Credit: Montresor (Press)