Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner melodic track ‘Sky and Sand’ turns 12 years old

The beautiful classic ‘Sky and Sand’ produced by talented German brothers Paul Kalkbrenner and Fritz Kalkbrenner turns 12 years old. Separately, they are two very strong players in music production. Together, they are simply amazing. Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner grew up with the typical Berlin sound, impossible to dissociate from the works they produce. Uniquely and masterfully, they both have the gift of pairing the formality and pacing of the most industrial rhythms with the most intricate and beautiful melodies. Twelve years ago, the brothers came together to create something and the result was a track of ravishing beauty. ‘Sky and Sand’ is a pearl of driving techno and an immortal piece in the collection of the best romantic music, as far as dance music is concerned.

‘Sky and Sand’ was first heard in the 2008 film ‘Berlin Calling’. The full-length tragicomedy tells the story of a DJ and music producer at the peak of his career, about to release his biggest album but who ends up in the psychiatric ward of a hospital high on drugs after a gig. ‘Sky and Sand’ was the movie’s hymn and was part of the album ‘Berlin Calling‘, the brilliant soundtrack produced by Paul Kalkbrenner with the collaboration of his brother, Sascha Funke and including other tracks designed particularly for the film.

‘Sky and Sand’ was subsequently released as a single on February 16, 2009, via BPitch Control, gaining a more independent life from the film and increasing fan adoration. This romantic and melodic track rocketed through the international charts and served to catapult Kalkbrenner’s name into the music scene. Some of the achievements of ‘Sky and Sand’ include being certified gold by the Federation of the Italian Music Industry, No.2 in the Belgian Ultratop 50 and was the longest-running track on the German singles charts with an ambitious sum of 129 weeks.

Twelve years on, the track remains an incredible love song and its quality lives on through time. Delight in this beauty below:


Image Credit: Paul Kalkbrenner (Press) / Provided by Electric Love Festival