Porter Robinson at Hard Summer Music Festival 2016

Porter Robinson opens up about ‘Nurture’ in Anna Lunoe interview on Apple Music

After announcing the release date for long-awaited album ‘Nurture’ – April 23, mark your calendars – Porter Robinson has been busy getting everyone excited, although it hasn’t taken much to be excited about this new era. After dropping stunning new single ‘Look at the Sky’, he also released vinyl, CD and digital pre-orders for the full project along with some new merchandise. Now, he’s done an interview exclusively with Apple Music, talking to Anna Lunoe for danceXL.

Opening up, Porter Robinson recounted the mental struggles that he faced during the album’s completion process, as said below:

“The album came after a real kind of emotional and creative low point for me, where I just was genuinely feeling like I was not capable of making music anymore. I was just extremely stuck, I was really, really depressed. I was feeling a lot of pressure and was really unhappy with everything that I was coming up with. The very first time that I did a full listen through of the album, I came out just so consumed with every little thing I considered a mistake or kind of viewing it through the most negative lens possible. I gave it a few more gos and got in the car and listened to it, and I just had this moment where I was just weeping while driving and was like ‘oh my god, you did it.’ If I could’ve shown this to myself four years ago, that guy would be so ridiculously happy and so in love with that music.”

Something that certainly gives us new perspective as we prepare to go into the album in April, the interview also talks about subjects such as new single ‘Look at the Sky’ and the thought process that lead to what we hear. The interview, which is an hour long, marks episode 59 of danceXL Radio, and you can listen to it in full right here.

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