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Porter Robinson releases official music video for ‘Look at the Sky’

So far, each of Porter Robinson‘s singles from upcoming album Nurture(out April 23) have gotten a music video release (you can view them all here), and now latest single ‘Look at the Sky’ is the next to get the music video treatment.

Each music video from the ‘Nurture’ era has been entirely different and has shown us new and unique creative concepts, with creative design from Porter Robinson himself and Samuel Burgess-Johnson. Each having their own storylines, ‘Look at the Sky”s music video stands out massively. Showing what he went through during the creation progress and the story behind the song itself, Robinson states:

‘I think of the story of human creativity as this beautiful tapestry that each of us is given the very very brief opportunity to sew our own patch onto. The “Look at the Sky” video is about the beauty I find in this cycle. Where the meaning of the song is more directly about the value of hope and resilience in the face of despair, with the video, I wanted to extend the idea of ‘being alive next year’ from being literal into being a metaphor about the things we can contribute to this world that will outlast us.’

The ghostly figures that we see in the music video all throughout can be seen to represent that our souls still live on in the things that we create and put out into the world, and on the surface it is a very aesthetically pleasing music video but has a deeper meaning attached to it.

Working with director Chris Muir (who also directed music videos for ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting’) and producer Esteban Zuluaga (who produced the ‘Get Your Wish’ video) among other members of a hardworking team, you can now view the official music video for ‘Look at the Sky’ below.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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