How RAVR reinvented the live music experience during a pandemic, and their huge plans for 2021

April 2020 will forever be remembered as the month in which the music industry changed its tune. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, recorded music revenues dropped, distributions delayed, and the collapse of live shows would be one of the industry’s biggest casualties. However, one record label has fought back, changing what we thought was impossible, and demonstrated to the world that live music experiences can exist in an uncertain landscape.

RAVR, a 360 record label specialising in electronic music, overcame the obstacles and limitations brought about by the coronavirus to host two electronic music events under Tier 1 and 2 restrictions in 2020. The innovative company worked alongside Halo Bournemouth, an award-winning music venue in the UK, to deliver unique live music events featuring all of the intricacies needed to provide a realistic rave experience. Not only did RAVR create a safe and compliant environment for their guests to enjoy live music, but they also managed to capture the ambience of a classic rave; with a live performance by Drum & Bass heavyweight KOVEN, supported by VOLTONE, a fast-emerging talent who’s set to drop his new EP on RAVR. So, just how exactly did RAVR reinvent the live music experience?

Responding to the incredibly strict government enforced limitations, Halo Bournemouth quickly transformed its dancefloor into a seated area for groups of up to 6 people, complete with chairs, tables and sofas. Usually, the space hosts up to 1000 people, however, the transformation reduced attendance to only 200 guests for the live events. In keeping with social distancing measures, and to avoid their customers moving around the venue, RAVR added the capability for guests to be able to order food and drink from their mobile phones, which was delivered directly to their table by bar staff wearing PPE.

To ensure customers were provided with the most authentic live music experience possible, RAVR provided full club lighting, complete with LED visuals and live vocals at a reduced volume (in line with Government guidelines). Asked about the vision and concept of the live music experience, RAVR added:

“Last year Covid-19 made a huge and lasting impact on nightlife in the UK. Many of the artists, venues, and independent contractors responsible for building the events we know and love, were left unable to work. Many businesses and jobs have been lost. RAVR was determined to provide these people with opportunities to continue working and to keep the scene alive throughout these difficult times.

We believe that electronic music is one of the most versatile, emotive, and inclusive forms of musical expression. Whether you’re just starting in your bedroom, or performing at sold-out venues and festivals around the world. We will be working tirelessly to help rebuild the live music industry in the United Kingdom throughout 2021 and beyond.”

An experience that most electronic dance music fans have craved since the lockdown measures began, RAVR has no intention to close the book on this exciting timeline. In fact, the live event specialists have huge plans for 2021 and the future ahead. So far, the government has announced a ‘roadmap’ for industries to return to normal, however, RAVR predicts a slow return to how things were pre-covid, with music venues initially opening with limited capacities. For this reason, RAVR is already working closely with some of the UK’s biggest acts in preparation for a series of socially distanced events in late Spring, early Summer – something we can all look forward to. Additionally, the record label has a series of full capacity events planned and in the pipeline which they hope will take place before the end of 2021.

If you’re like us and you can’t wait to get back among the strobe lights and lost to the beat on the dancefloor, watch this space as RAVR prepare to takeover. With an exciting future ahead, you can be sure we will be bringing you updates when their next live event takes place, and tickets are available. Want to stay in the know? Check out RAVR’s website here.

Image Credit: RAVR (Press)