Saint Punk

Saint Punk – Empty Bed

One of the most prominent emerging artists, Saint Punk, makes his single debut with renowned label Monstercat to release ‘Empty Bed‘ after remixing Tokyo Machine’s ‘PLAY’. Saint Punk takes listeners on a modern take of grunge house as he blends different sounds into one captivating release.

‘Empty Bed’ starts with a minimalistic dark four on the floor that progresses into a mainstage anthem. Guiding the way throughout the track is the melancholic and powerful vocal that contrasts the instrumental seamlessly. The distinctive sound design that has skyrocketed the rising artist to the headlines is elegantly showcased throughout ‘Empty Bed’. With a sharp distorted bassline, vibrating bass riffs, and atmospheric buildups, The Los Angeles-bred artist, is carving his own lane in the music scene. The artist states,

“This record is something new for me. It’s my first song with a full vocal throughout. There’s a lot you can say with a mostly instrumental track, but sometimes there’s so much more to say. There’s strong emotions in this, but it still feels 100% like me.”

If there is one artist that took the isolated time of 2020 serious, it was Saint Punk. With eleven releases in major labels such as Martin Garrix‘s STMPD Records, Armada, and Atlantic, Saint Punk is undoubtedly set to take over the electronic music scene. With a unique sound, the grunge house maestro is not stopping anytime soon.

Image Credit: Saint Punk (Press)

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