SoundCloud is launching its own Fortnite tournament, Player One

Soundcloud is one of the largest online communities for artists, bands, and podcasters all over the world to share their music creations. Soundcloud has collaborated with Twitch, as Player One will be their latest project in collaboration with Fortnite to combine music and gaming once again. Fortnite’s rapid growth of fame resulted in several collaborations with artists like Marshmello, Diplo, and Travis Scott and currently combining both strengths. Soundcloud is launching its own Fortnite tournament, Player One.


Soundcloud has been the starting point for many artists such as Post Malone, Kygo, Billie Eilish, Kehlani, and Bryson Tiller for their rise of fame. Many aspiring artists all over the world are participating in the growth of this online music platform, leading to the launch of its Fortnite tournament called Player One. Eight artists on Soundcloud are competing in a game of Fortnite which will be live-streamed on its Twitch channel. This worldwide tournament will be hosted by the official esports commentator MonsterDface and artist Rico Nasty, including a special halftime show by Rico Nasty. The vice president of brand marketing at Soundcloud, Erika Leone, spoke about why Soundcloud is launching its own Fortnite tournament:

“With so many of our creators and listeners sharing a real passion for gaming culture, we’re stepping into the gaming space for the first time to bring them together to engage in innovative ways and connect rising creators with new fans.”

Player One will be live-streamed on both Soundcloud’s Twitch channel and Facebook page at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM EST on February 18.

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