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The Archer talks ‘Lonely Dream’ EP and new label: Interview

LA-based The Archer is set to catapult onto the scene with his explosive new EP ‘Lonely Dream’The debut has been refined into a truly unique sound, offering a powerful bass that rocks your bones and outstanding vocals to invade your soul, having a hook that perfects a dance-floor filled craft allowing The Archer to develop a signature sound. Originally known for being a trailblazing lawyer and art aficionado, The Archer is taking from his previous life experiences to soon launch his new label named There is a Light. Seeing releases from Matt Sassari, Drunken Kong, and many more, a platform has been given to a vibrant and diverse group of hand-picked talent. Wanting to hear more about this exciting new EP and venture from The Archer, we spoke to him to find out all the interesting information.

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist? 

Music has always been a key part of my existence, and I have been DJing legitimately since 2016. I’ve also been making music since I was very young. I decided to pursue a career as a producer simply to share my point of view.


With The Archer creating music from such a young age we were intrigued to find out the producer’s biggest influences and the impact that they have on his musical creative process.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences that have made an impact on your productions?

I am influenced by good music of all genres. Some of my biggest influences are Chus & Ceballos, Everything but the Girl, and Duran Duran.


Your new EP ‘Lonely Dream’ is absolutely brilliant. Could you tell us what is the story behind it? What was the creation process?

 Thank you very much. I wanted to make a vocal track that stood the test of time and took the listener on a journey to somewhere they have never been. I took some Toolroom Academy courses with Ben Remember and D. Ramirez and watched a ton of instructional videos. Lots of trial, error, and serendipity.


The Archer

The Archer (Press)


What do you want fans to take away from the EP? Is there a particular message or feeling you wanted to get across to listeners?

That music can take you on a magical mystical journey.


The ‘Lonely Dream’ EP, includes the radio edit and also remixes from Matt Sassari and Drunken Kong, because of this we wanted to delve in deeper to find out how this came to be and what it was like working with the two artists on this new release.

Speaking of the EP, There’s also been remixes from Matt Sassari and Drunken Kong. How did you connect with these artists and what was it like to work with them?

I happened to meet techno genius Sian at a live stream and we instantly hit it off. I told him about the release and who I would want to be my remixers, and being as nice as he is, Sian helped me make that connection. I really enjoyed working with both Sassari and Drunken Kong, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration for my debut EP!


This EP comes along with a brand new venture for The Archer, releasing on his brand new label ‘There is a Light’. We were very eager to find out more about the label and maybe discover the producer’s hopes for the label in the future.

In other news, congratulations on the launch of your new label ‘There Is A Light’. Why did you decide to start a label?

Thank you! I am a trial lawyer by day and by nature am always wanting to help others and make the world a better place. I decided to start a label as a platform to release my own music, and more importantly, to help aspiring artists share their creations with people all over the world. It’s not your typical business model, but I truly thrive off of watching others succeed.


What plans do you have for the label to grow in the future? 

Releasing a lot of good new music in a wide variety of genres

With the current times, it always on everyone’s minds how artists have been dealing with and overcoming the situation. we wanted to ask The Archer how he had been coping, especially with his uniqueness of also being a trial lawyer by day. Of course, as well ask how he will be spending his time once the pandemic is over.


The Archer

The Archer (Press)

On a different subject, looking at the whole Covid-19 situation and its impacts, how did the Covid-19 situation affect you as an artist? Did quarantine encourage or damage your creativity?

Quarantine actually encouraged my creativity. My schedule as an attorney is always packed, and before COVID I wasted a lot of time sitting in traffic and driving back and forth to offices and courts. The pandemic and working remotely gave me the precious downtime I needed to push myself to start my record label and release my first official track. I definitely wish I could start playing live shows already, but live-streams will do for now.

What are you looking forward to most when this situation is over?

Playing out at small dark intimate clubs.

Many artists like to test productions before they release them, maybe play a draft version in a club to see the reaction. Did quarantine affect your judgement on whether a production was working or not? 

I played it “out” in my house and the reaction was always good.

What does 2021 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations? What would you like to achieve this year?

New releases by me and other artists. I also am working on a bi-weekly podcast, and another big project with one of my good friends and favorite producers Pablo Ceballos of Chus & Ceballos. 


It seems like 2021 may be the year for The Archer, with his new EP and label, he is definitely someone that you should keep your eyes on. Make sure to check out the ‘Lonely Dream’ EP below, on Spotify.

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