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The Netherlands will host coronavirus-proof trial festivals in March

In order to achieve results that can contribute to the reawakening of festivals in the Netherlands, Fieldlab in collaboration with ID&T and MOJO is organizing two trial festivals on the Lowlands. In 2020, the Dutch government had already revealed its intention to hold several coronavirus-proof trial events of various natures across the Netherlands. The first two trial music festivals are now being announced, and are due to take place in March.

The dates and the lineup will be announced soon, but it is already known that each of the events will receive 1500 ravers, ready to have fun in safety. A business conference, cabaret performance and football matches are also planned, but our attention is focused on those who intend to copy a festival of dance music, as it is urgent to understand if it will be possible to hold festivals still during the pandemic.

In order to participate, the 3000 festival-goers must be clean as far as the coronavirus is concerned. All participants will have to present the negative result of a COVID-19 test and the temperature at the entrance will be measured. Randomly, some of the visitors will also be given a quick test at the door. A lanyard with a special tag that allows recording the moments of contact with others and its duration will also be distributed to all. Except for this pre-festival procedure and the mandatory use of masks, everything else is intended to be the same as a ‘normal’ festival, as it was before the pandemic devastated the world. True enthusiasm is asked, as only the fact of serving as an experience will make these festivals ‘trials’. Inside the venue, movement can take place in a fluid and free way. Both events will include multiple stages and even a food court. Although these events will be short-lived, it is important that they take place as real festivals would, so that the data collected can be valid. Eric van Eerdenburg, Lowlands director said in a press conference:

‘That way we know what is possible in the event of a subsequent outbreak. As a sector, we have to think five or six months ahead to organize a major event. The government often looks at a situation in a few months from now.’

After a year without public events, the industry is suffering to the point of collapse. A strong national vaccination plan is underway in the Netherlands and, together with the results of these trial events, will be essential for a return to festivals in the coming months. With summer in sight, the organizers need brief answers. We will all be waiting for some good news.


Photo by jennieramida on Unsplash