Tiësto opens up about how his daughter is connected with music and his upcoming album

The legendary Dutch music icon Tiësto was the special guest on the latest RADIO.COM LIVE Check In and he revealed the details about his last year, including his latest work, future projects and his new experience as a father.

The conversation began, inevitably, with the congratulations for his baby girl, who is now about three months old. Tiësto said that his new daughter is the ‘best gift’ he got this year. Despite all the unpleasantness brought on by these pandemic times, for Tiësto this time off has been received as a blessing, allowing him to live fatherhood more fully. The emotions brought by this new role as a father are still too fresh to translate into new music, but the baby is already involved in his father’s art. The DJ and music producer candidly confessed that when the baby gets agitated, his famous track ‘The Business‘ calms her down. While still in her mother’s womb, the baby was already reacting to Tiësto’s music, which certainly gave her a particular taste and sensibility towards music.

‘The Business’, Tiësto’s latest deep house anthem was, inevitably the hot topic of conversation. The creation of this work is rather curious. In March last year, when the world went into lockdown, the Dutch producer thought that he would probably be ‘back in business’ by the end of April and that’s how the concept for the song came about. Tiësto’s predictions were wrong about the return to normality, but the result was a mind-blowing track that achieved a resounding success in 2020 and is still being felt now. ‘The Business’ was released along with a refreshing and invigorating music video, brimming with creativity. Both the song and the video deliver a lighter and fresher version of the legendary artist.

With ‘The Business’ still climbing the top charts and knocking down any expectations with millions of streamings, comes, already in 2021, the continuation of this success: ‘The Business, Pt. II‘. In this lively chat with RADIO.COM LIVE, Tiësto revealed that it was Ty Dolla $ign who came up with the idea of this new version. The American artist loved the original and wanted to make his own edit. The result is already well-known around the world: major success.

Tiësto has a long, solid career of unquestionable quality. The marks he has left on dance music are profound and motivating of what the industry is today. Tracks like ‘The Business’ are, however, a little different from the anthems everyone has danced to at the world’s biggest festivals. Tiësto mentioned that it would make no sense to produce ‘festival bangers’ while clubs and festivals are in standby mode. This is why at this point in the industry and in his career it makes sense to dedicate himself to radio hits like ‘The Business’. The Dutch maestro will reserve dance music for when he can get back to wowing the crowds, until then he’ll be wowing fans with deeper sounds that reflect more of the artist’s inner self, balancing what he likes to hear on the radio with his own personal stamp.

When asked about his next album, Tiësto replies ‘you can’t rush art‘ but there will be news by the summer. His priority at the moment will be to give ‘The Business’ a successor to match.

The pandemic is very much present in the artist’s personal and professional life. It has not only shaped his music but also his schedule. Musical Freedom’s boss shared his concerns for the music scene, especially for the artists who were flourishing when the coronavirus emerged. After so much time, the new artists that would have needed the festivals to make a name for themselves may have already been forgotten. The music industry is an industry in pain right now. Let’s wait for better days and for Tiësto’s new music.

Let the good energy of the Dutch artist infect you and watch the full interview below:

Image Credit: Ramona Rosales / Provided by Warner Music Group