WhoMadeWho set to perform at the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt for Cercle

Copenhagen-based trio WhoMadeWho is bringing us an unmissable event when they will perform in front of the Abu Simbel temple this Monday, February 22 for Cercle. Cercle, whose aim is to showcase cultural heritage and landmarks throughout the prism of electronic music and video, is no stranger to live-streams in unique locations and landmarks, for instance, back in October 2020 they had French DJ Sébastien Léger perform at the Great Pyramids of Giza, a live-stream praised by the many thousands of viewers that watched.

WhoMadeWho, know for tracks such as ‘Heads Above’ and ‘Tell Me Are We’ announced the exciting news on social media by saying the following:

‘The most thrilled we have been in many years! We are performing for legendary @cerclemusic in front of Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. The date for our performance, 22/02, is specific for the solar alignment on the face of Ramses II. The dawn sunlight is aligned to light up the entire length of the temple entrance corridor, lighting up three of the four statues at the end of the corridor. Only the statue of Ptah, the god of the underworld, remains in darkness. This is next level temple vibes…’

Make sure to check out this live-stream at 12pm local Egyptian Time, this Monday, February 22 on Cercle’s Facebook page and Twitch. If you just can’t wait check out the Sébastien Léger pyramids performance below to get yourself hyped up.


Image Credit: Petra Kleis / Provided by The Echo Agency


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