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Bear interrupts DJ set of Jody Flemming in North Carolina

It turns out that a wild bear loves to party just as much as we do, as we found out in the hilarious video that has gone viral, of North Carolina DJ Jody Flemming being interrupted by one in the middle of one of his many livestream DJ sets from his home. The 50-year-old has been streaming techno sets all throughout the pandemic from the comfort of his home to entertain viewers, but this is the first time something like this has happened.

Seemingly not all that phased about the wild bear in his garden though, Jody Flemming walks up to the bear and snaps a picture before getting back to spinning tunes and laughing about it. Apparently, the animals are commonplace in his garden as he explains to The Citizen Times:

“I’ve had a lot of bear encounters in the Smokies [Great Smoky Mountains]. I helped out with tranquilizing and moving bears, so I’m kind of familiar with what they’re like, and we get a bunch of bears over here. This particular one has been coming around lately, and we kind of just keep our distance and say ‘Hi.’ Whenever I saw him, I’d go out on the porch and watch him do his thing. I wish my neighbors hadn’t blown the horn and it could have played out a little more. I was hoping the bear would come back.”

The wild bear encounter will certainly help rank up viewer numbers for his next livestreams, and if he makes money from the video of the encounter he pledges to donate 20% of it to the WNC Nature Center, a local zoo. The video of the moment in question from his set, which currently has over 65,000 views (and counting) on YouTube, can be seen below. Although the set was filmed in October 2020, he had only just shared the clip of the viral moment on January of this year.

Photo by Becca on Unsplash

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