Yotto drops melodic hymn ‘I Want You’ featuring BRAEV : Listen

Yotto and BRAEV have been preparing something very special for their fans and yesterday was finally the day of the big reveal. ‘I Want You’ is the name of the single that will delight the most melodic hearts. Yotto, the Finnish prodigy has been building a magnificent portfolio. His eclectic talent has allowed him to drink from various musical styles, always maintaining the same standard of quality. From the hands of the DJ and music producer have come great bangers, perfect for setting the dancefloor on fire. However, his more minimal and melodic side seems to please his fans, spreading serenity and good energies. Yotto never disappoints and this is another clear example of the league he sets out to play in.

‘I Want You’ is something a little different from what you are used to hearing from Yotto. He stated that himself. However, it’s easy to recognise his stamp on it. This brand-new single was released on February 18 via Odd One Out, Yotto’s imprint, and is a delightful melodic-sounding hymn.

The vocal is a powerful messenger of words of love, which come to us in a nostalgic tone, soaked in feeling. As the song tells the story of two lovers the rhythm takes us on a soothing, galactic journey. ‘I Want You’ perfectly marries the talent of these two artists. BRAEV designed this beautiful song, giving it a voice through the song factory that he calls himself. Yotto brought the song to life by producing a delicate yet very complete melody. ‘Cause I want you, I want you’ are the heartfelt words that will echo in the heads of Yotto’s fans and warm the heart and soul of all lovers in these cold days. You can find this beauty on your favourite platforms, available for purchase or streaming. For now, melt away with the silky notes of ‘I Want You’ below:


Image Credit: Tuukka Ervasti / Provided by Guerilla Music Promotion