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Zane Lowe unveils special Daft Punk tribute on Apple Music

Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe is celebrating the influence and legacy of Daft Punk with a special tribute mix spanning the group’s 28 years. The popular broadcaster, who previously worked for BBC Radio One, stated:

“28 years ago, the robots came to earth and I’m going to admit, I’m diving as deep, deep into the legacy as I can here, so I don’t want any social media messages saying, “It’s Thomas and Guy. They’re from Paris, France.” Like, yeah, but what’s the point in magic if you constantly want to know how the trick is done? So, two robots came to earth and they tried to figure out a way to get through to us as humans, but they’re robots. And they figured out that the purest way to do it was through art. That is the only way that you can truly communicate and not have your message ruined by the system. That if you make music, it’s yours, purely yours, and no one can get in between you and the people who hear it. And that’s what they did.”
Zane continued: “And through music and performance, they just tried to feed us the way. They tried to show us how to connect. Put us in fields, clubs, gave us songs, made us want to hug each other, dance together, relationships, marriages, families, deep friendships, all forged thanks to the robots and their music. So, you can say, “I couldn’t care less” like somebody did on my Instagram today, but here’s the thing. You could have cared less by not commenting, so you do care and you could be as cynical as you want but no one has ever done it like they did it, and now, by completing the mission, they have secured the fact that nobody ever will. So, thank you, Daft Punk. I’m going to take your lessons with me forever, and my kids will and their kids will, and maybe through art, we will find a way.”
You can listen to the full Zane Lowe mix on Apple Music HERE.

Image Credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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