Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon

Above & Beyond’s ‘Sun & Moon’ celebrates 10th anniversary

There’s absolutely no doubt that ‘Sun & Moon’ featuring the incredible vocals of Richard Bedford is one of the most classic, timeless and iconic anthems that Above & Beyond have released in their career. Released on March 20 in 2011, it now celebrates its tenth anniversary.

First playing this song out to a crowd in September of 2010 at Electric Zoo in New York in a tent, it was special from the moment it was played out for the first time, and has become a legacy for the trio. Since this performance, ‘Sun & Moon’ has become unarguably the most important part of any of their live shows, as it’s the track that lucky fans get to come on stage with the members and push the button, setting off the track into the drop. The push the button moment has become iconic and ‘Sun & Moon’ could not be a more perfect track for it. Below, you can see one of these moments in action.

‘Sun & Moon’ was the first single to be released from the album Group Therapy, released on June 6 2011. It is in the same family as other iconic tracks like ‘Thing Called Love’ and ‘Alchemy’, but it still shines the brightest, continuing to not only be the leading track but also the most popular and beloved.

A timeless love ballad, there’s not a dry eye in the house when this is played, and if you’ve ever seen Above & Beyond at a festival or a gig, you’ll know the exact magical feeling it is to hear thousands upon thousands of fans all chanting the lyrics with such passion. No doubt one of the greatest tracks in the history of trance music, and electronic music in general, it’s hard to believe that it is already ten years old.

Do you have any special memories tied to ‘Sun & Moon’? Have you been one of the lucky fans that have been chosen to push the button? Let us know in the comments as you re-listen to the track below.



Image Credit: Above & Beyond (via Facebook), Sun & Moon (Artwork)


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