AREA21 tease new music with mysterious video

It seems that AREA21, the alias of Martin Garrix and Maejor, are cooking something up behind the scenes, and all may be revealed sooner than we think.

A mysterious audio message coming from AREA21 is floating around the internet lately, and it seems that they’re trying to tell us something. The audio file in question, which you can listen to below, contains a message of someone speaking with voice manipulation stating ‘we are coming’. Originally posted to the artist’s Instagram account via stories, it also asks fans to join them on a mission although it is not yet stated what that mission is.

Previous rumours have been floating around for a while now, all circulating around an album. A reddit post from three months ago shows Garrix himself explicitly stating that an album is coming with 12 tracks. This follows an October 2020 interview where he stated that this new music is not ‘super electronic’ but more like ‘Gorillaz meets Outkast meets little bit of Daft Punk‘. With AREA21’s social media pages being completely wiped at the start of this year, this signifies that new music is just on the horizon, and it certainly won’t be long until we get a taste. It’s said that an album is meant to arrive this April, pushed back from March.

The AREA21 alias was formed back in 2016, gaining popularity after Martin Garrix debuted the track Spaceships‘ at Ultra Miami in 2016. Their identities were previously unknown, but it was always speculated Garrix was part of it. Currently, the duo have six tracks out, but this will all change soon.

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Image credit: Martin Garrix (via Twitter)

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