Armin van Buuren and Giuseppe Ottaviani Magico

Armin van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani power collaboration ‘Magico’ is now out: listen

It’s time for the long-awaited update about ‘Magico‘, the power collaboration between Armin van Buuren and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Thankfully the wait wasn’t long and after a week of the big reveal, we get the official release of this energetic and progressive track. Last week, during episode 1008 of A State Of Trance radioshow, Armin van Buuren has made a bombshell revelation. The king of trance has confessed his long-awaited partnership with Italian mastermind Giuseppe Ottaviani which has resulted in the incredible single ‘Magico’. Filled with magical sounds that channel the beauty of the classic and timeless sound of high-quality trance, ‘Magico’ comes to us via A State Of Trance and can now be enjoyed through all streaming platforms. During the radioshow that served as its debut, ‘Magico’ was deservedly considered as ‘Tune Of The Week’. This piece of musical witchcraft dazzled fans from the first moment and fuels unbroken suspense. None of these trance wizards has revealed if this is standalone or if this is the first of other collaborative works on the horizon. Fans would like to see more, certainly. Before revealing the still-unreleased single, Armin told fans:

‘I teamed up with Italian maestro Giuseppe Ottaviani! He’s a good friend of the show and I’m a big fan of his productions and secretly we’ve been working on something’


Now that it’s no longer a secret, the artist celebrates the release of ‘Magical’ by writing on his social media that:

‘I’ve been a fan of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s work for quite some time. That’s why I’m more than excited to share our collab ‘Magico’ is out now”


When we think about this kind of pairings, the imagination can travel and ‘Magico’ makes many dreams come true for real trance lovers. Giuseppe and Armin are the rightful owners of a portfolio of unmatched quality, having nothing more to prove to the music scene. However, the junction of these two talents does not cease to be surprising. Surprisingly amazing. ‘Magico’ is 3 minutes and 23 seconds of pure vibrant magic. After being confined to four walls for so long, many artists have developed their art by adapting it to music for home consumption. ‘Magico’ was made to vibrate, to feel and especially to dance. The powerful energy it emanates does not allow stillness or apathy. It is truly a pill of good mood, strength and rhythm. This track is not spared in sparkling basslines, captivating breakdowns or striking melodies. ‘Magico’ is a euphoric anthem that puts us on the launchpad for the summer season. Put on your dancing shoes and get caught up in the frenetic dance of ‘Magico’ below:


Image Credit: Armin van Buuren (Press), Giuseppe Ottaviani (Press)