CamelPhat deliver techno-flavoured remix of ‘Best of Me’ by ARTBAT and Sailor & I: Listen

UK duo CamelPhat have designed an amazing rework of ARTBAT and Sailor & I‘s power collaboration ‘Best of Me’. The original track went number one on Beatport back in October of 2020 and this epic remix looks like the perfect launch pad to give CamelPhat a brilliant 2021.

‘Best of Me’ was born from the perfect match between Ukrainian duo ARTBAT and Swedish musician Sailor & I. ARTBAT have been making their way in the electronic music scene, having gained prominence in the last two years. Whether in originals, remixes or hypnotic sets, the duo have already made it clear what they are capable of. In their portfolio, only great partnerships fit and this was surely one of them. The combination of their galactic and melodic sound with the indie flavour of Sailor & I resulted in an atmospheric and scintillating single.

The Liverpool duo CamelPhat have been on an upward climb in their career, which climaxed with their highly anticipated debut album Dark Matter, released in the autumn of last year. Committed to not letting the shine fade, CamelPhat now deliver a beautifully crafted remix of ‘Best of Me’. This is no ordinary rework, it’s a work of art that unfolds over almost 10 minutes to deliver an intricate, long-lasting magical journey. Preserving the passionate vocals from the Swedish talent Sailor & I and the driving melodies from ARTBAT, the British duo deliver a suspenseful arrangement.

This remix slowly builds tension, embroiling listeners in a weave that thickens and thickens, until the melody explodes. The pressured drums and the meticulous pace are well marked, the usual CamelPhat signature. They’ve given a techno-infused new reference to an already fantastic track, turning it into a warehouse-emulated gem. The airtight and scintillant percussion and sleek synths are a golden ticket to the dancefloor. It’s magnificent. Once again, CamelPhat surprise with a quality hard to match and a delightfulness and respect for the music that makes their productions almost astrophysical.

The duo first dropped this masterpiece during the Liverpool pair’s Printworks-hosted BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, then at Tomorrowland‘s virtual NYE event and later in their exclusive Apple Music NYE 2021 mix. Released on 5 March via Get Physical‘s sister label, METAPHYSICAL, CamelPhat’s remix of ‘Best of Me’ is now available on the usual platforms. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and embark on this wonderful journey. Listen below:


Image Credit: CamelPhat (Press) / Provided by