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Skrillex iconic remix of Benny Benassi & Gary Go track ‘Cinema’ turns 10

‘Cinema’ is widely regarded as one of Benny Benassi‘s finest and most popular tracks of his discography, but it’s undeniable that the Skrillex remix of the track is just as popular. This month, the iconic remix turns ten years old and we’re looking back upon its legacy and achievements as one of Skrillex’s biggest remixes ever.

The track was already a huge hit, but Skrillex helped to bring the track to new ears and new audiences, further spreading the worldwide popularity of it with his own signature dubstep twist. When you think of the producer’s discography and remix history, this one fights for the top spot along with his take on Avicii‘s ‘Levels’. It’s not just fans of the producer that loved it either, with it scooping a Grammy Award in the Remixed Recording, Non-Classical category at the 2012 awards. In that same year, he picked up two other awards in the Dance Recording category for ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ and Dance/Electronic Album for the album of the same name. Upon the release, the remix stayed atop the iTunes US Dance top 20 chart for over six months and it’s that nostalgic dubstep sound that keeps it in the hearts and playlists of many fans and other artists today.

On Skrillex’s YouTube channel, the audio of the remix currently has well over 13 million views, and on Spotify it is currently sitting at a hefty 109+ million streams, and it isn’t stopping there. It’s one of the most influential remixes, and has even sparked many producers to do remixes of it, including Luca Lush who did a flip of it back in 2016, released via Ultra Music.

It’s hard to deny the impact that this has had on the industry, and it’s tough to find a remix that blew up so big and made the rounds in the music world as quick as this. Already ten years old, you can revisit it down below.



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