Daft Punk

Daft Punk tribute concert to take place this summer in Manchester

Last month, the legendary French duo Daft Punk announced their decision of splitting up, after an iconic career of almost 30 years. This surely is the end of an era but yet their music will never be gone. Now, the Manchester-based Kaleidoscope Orchestra has decided to tribute them this summer with a unique performance in the iconic Manchester Cathedral.

More details about this Daft Punk tribute concert have been coming up, and in fact, the Orchestra will actually be doing two back to back concerts on Friday August 20, at 6 PM and 8:30 PM playing renditions of the best records of the band’s extensive 28-year-long careerThis is to make sure they can cover the amount of people that will be coming in, as this will be a social distanced event. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased for  £55, so if you want to listen the orchestral versions of songs like ‘One More Time’, ‘Get Lucky’ or ‘Around The World’ among many others, make sure you secure your tickets while they are still available.

In fact the streaming numbers of all of these records boomed since the sad announcement. Their songs received 500% more streamings the day the news went official compared to the past week, while the digital sales of their songs and album increased by more than 1000%. Furthermore, Daft Punk’s 2013 album ‘Random Access Memories‘ is also one of the best-selling albums in vinyl of the century

Daft Punk will be truly missed but their legacy will live forever. We cannot wait for summer to come and listen to the Kaleidoscope Orchestra honour and tribute one of the best dance music groups of all time. You can buy yours tickets here. This Daft Punk tribute will certainly be special, so don’t miss out!

Image Credit: Olena Tatarintseva / Shutterstock.com

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