Daft Punk

YouTuber recreates Daft Punk tracks using only calculators: Watch

Following the recent departure of Daft Punk from the music industry, supporting fans from around the world have sent in their tributes for the electronic pair, but one YouTuber, in particular, has bid farewell with a special and extremely talented gesture. Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco is known for creating music with a channel dedicated to covering some of the world’s most famous songs and theme tunes. However, get this, the YouTuber recreates tracks and musical covers using just calculators. Showcasing such an interesting skill, 차커 Chaco has covered two Daft Punk classics and the videos make for great viewing.

In the two videos, the talented individual recreatesGet Lucky andHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger using multiple AR7778 desktop calculators. The creative process is made possible because the calculators have a Music Mode which enables them to be used as a piano, allowing the user to create simple music. Of course, 차커 Chaco has taken the creation of simple music to a whole new level demonstrating this unique skill in the short videos. This process of creating the music is similar to that of music producers that use equipment such as the Novation Launchpad or the Akia Professional Groovebox.

We’ve taken a look online and it seems like these calculators are pretty hard to get hold of, especially if you’re thinking of having a go with its Music Mode. But don’t fear, you’ll just need to check out more great videos from 차커 Chaco by clicking this link here. In the meantime, we’ve added the videos below for you to watch straight away. Let us know which one is your favourite. For more Daft Punk news, head over to this section of the website.


Image Credit: Olena Tatarintseva / Shutterstock.com